5 Steps to get Lucky on Tinder…As an Advertiser

1. Take it slow..is this really for you?

Firstly, consider whether these channels will reach your target audience and what
it is that you want your ad to achieve? Tinder is great for targeting young people with 70% of users aged between 18 – 34. With so many dating apps on the market, it’s worth going slow and investigating the best one for your brand. You should be clear on which one is going to get you lucky with your audience..

2. What’s your type?

Male? Female? London? Manchester? 18? 35? Dating apps allow you to find your ideal audience. Targeting allows advertisers to deliver your ads to desirable demographics including age, location and gender.

Tinder pic 2

3. First impressions count, make an effort

Make sure the content is right and tailor your ad as best you can to get the attention you want. with users spending over 1 billion minutes on the Tinder app per month, user’s are clearly very engaged so it’s important to make sure you get their attention.

There are different ways you can advertise depending on your campaign objectives. Branded profile cards appear as user’s are swiping and sponsored messages are great to send promotions/offers/news directly to a user’s inbox. Smirnoff used this in a really clever way by sending user’s a link to show them the nearest bar where they could redeem a Smirnoff offer.

4. Run from the table, split the bill or pay for the whole dinner type?

Advertising with dating apps doesn’t have to break the banks. Dependent on the scale of your campaign, you can tailor your budget. Typically Tinder minimum spend commitment can start from $10k depending on the level of partnership required. Grindr offers lower rates and an effective campaign can be run with a budget of $5k.

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5. Keep the end goal in sight from that initial swipe…

Make sure you are clear with your objectives from the start – are you encouraging footfall into a venue/s or incentivising purchase with a downloadable coupon/QR code/redemption offer. Everything you do from the imagery, copy and targeting needs to be driven to meet the objectives to achieve results.

Fancy dipping your toe into the pond of online dating as an advertiser… Give us a call to see how we can help.

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