Friday is My Second Favorite F’word

How much would you use your mobile phone if there were no social media on it? My guess is very little. I heard a quote the other day that stated we check our mobile phones around 200 times a day. I’d put money on it that most of those views are on social media. I’ve always loved social media as a marketing channel because it delivers a real connection and is so well targeted. In fact, it’s difficult to escape from anything that we might find interesting or entertaining because Facebook knows our habits so well.

Last year I gave up Facebook/Twitter for 3 months and used the time to read more books. It felt great, I felt like a better person, but quickly I found that I was missing out on stuff on a daily basis (conversation topics mainly). By month four I was back on it bingeing like never before (sounds like an addiction?!). The reality going forward is that Facebook is a really important tool in most of our lives. I know it’s hard to admit it but, we love it. I’d even go as far to say that no other company knows more about their users than Facebook. The data they have about us, twinned with AI could probably create a fairly accurate profile of ourselves that we wouldn’t even recognise. It sounds scary, but we’ve weighed up the benefits of the data trade and are happy to live with it. Facebook is a brilliant advertising platform and will continue to be so because (believe it or not) it puts the user first in almost everything it does, and that’s probably why we trust it (sometimes reluctantly).

Brands and businesses have always had to play by Facebook’s rules. They have been restricted from bombarding their own fans/followers with content, encouraging them instead to produce the right kind of content for the platform – whilst charging them a premium to do so. Over the next year or so, as the technology on the platform gets smarter through the introduction of AI, we will see our dependence and relationship with Facebook deepen even further. I did try shutting down my personal account once, and a message appeared stating that closing the account will result in all history being deleted (posts, messages, pictures and videos too). I quickly decided that it wasn’t a good idea!

Trevor Rudder