The 5 Stages of Our Uber breakdown

1. Shock – The End of London Travel As We Know It

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Friday 22nd September 2017 was a dark, dark day at Angel HQ.  Our Head of Design, Sam, opened his phone and relayed the grim news to the office: “Uber’s lost its licence in London”.

W.T.A.F?!? In pure panic we took to Google. This had to be some kind of sick joke.


2. Confusion –  Question Everything!!

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Every news source confirmed our worst nightmare: no more Uber from the 30th September. This was not a drill. Questions filled the office air; How will I get home Saturday night? Would those teeny, little car icons suddenly disappear from the app at 00:00 on 1st October? Is Sadiq out of his bloody mind?!


3. Outrage – Power to the People


After the news sunk in, the mood switched from disbelief to outrage – they can’t do this to us. 3.5 million of us!

“I guess we have the Night Tube” suggested our Account Manager, Nicole.

“I live in effing Epping!” cried Sam, “and I’ve just got my rating back up after the Christmas party”.

It was time to take action.  We signed and shared the petition (along with over 850k other angry Londoners), determined to fight this madness.


4.  Acceptance – On the Other hand…


As the debate unfolded on our social channels, more and more stories emerged of dangerous driving, inexplicably cancelled trips and dodgy “detours”, like the one our managing partner had last year.


Preparing for the worst, Nicole tried an Addison Lee and it was cheaper and had free wifi!

Thinking back, wasn’t there a load of bad press about Uber, it’s “bulldog” marketing techniques and concerns around passenger safety?

Grudgingly, we had to accept maybe TFL has a point.


5. Awkwardness – Uber News? What Uber News?

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Midnight on the 30th came and those teeny, little cars were still crawling around our screens. Uber has apologised and promised to clean up its act. Sadiq’s now backtracking and it looks like Uber might just live on in London.

So we’ve packed away the placards, deleted “those” ranty tweets and, last night, Nicole fessed up to her Uber driver, Monzur, about her dalliance with Addison Lee. “We were on a break!”