Case Study

Chelsea FC

Reaching a global fan base

We have worked with Chelsea FC over the last seven years, to help them engage with their global fan base through digital immersive campaigns.

Chelsea FC Blue Flag was a digital campaign, developed by Angel, to encourage fans to engage with the Chelsea FC annual tour. Fans were asked to upload a picture of themselves to a digital Chelsea flag, which was then printed on a 16 x 20 metre flag and taken on the team tour.


2011 - 2015

The Blue Flag campaign has generated over 120,000 user sign-ups.

Case Study 02

Responsive design

The design was responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile and also featured a Facebook App version to encourage an increase in fans.

Over the years, we’ve updated the creative and UX to refresh the campaign and include new features including the search function, which allows fans to search for themselves and friends on the digital flag.

chelsea FC campaign 2015