Case Study

Coca-Cola Perfect Serve

It’s Got To Be Perfect

Coca Cola challenged us to update an on trade campaign that aimed to educate bar staff on the perfect way to serve Coca-Cola. It’s got to be perfect we said.


We ran with this light-bulb moment, refreshing the campaign with an uplifting and positive feel.

The Perfect Serve Campaign

Perfect shouldn’t have an expiry date.

The refreshed programme's new burst of activity also worked as an ‘always on’ campaign to support continued long-term chatter and use.


Adaptable Resources

We created multiple length videos that could be used to display information in depth, or in bite-sized modules.

Supporting Material

To ensure that perfection could be attained in all outlets we created a number of supporting collateral such as PDF training materials, POS and an interactive online customer portal.

Striving for perfection

Accepting nothing less than perfect is something we have in common with Coca-Cola, so updating the Perfect Serve programme was the perfect job for us.

You can never say perfect too many times, as we found out.


The icon is hero

We made sure that the icon serve took centre stage in everything we produced. Perfection is contagious, what can we say?