We create reaction

A creative and digital agency

Our way

Here at Angel we like to make things simple.

We have been around long enough to understand the complexity of technology, but we try not use techno talk.
We like simple ideas based around basic human intuition.


We are on trend but aren’t slaves to it


Digital is in our hearts but it doesn’t
control our minds

We like ideas!
We make stuff!
We invent things!
We say yes a lot!

Meet the team

  • Trevor Rudder

    Creative Director

  • Jen Delaney

    Client Services Director

  • Sam Izzet

    Lead Designer

  • Markos Temurtas

    Technical Lead

  • Mothiur Rahman

    Digital Designer

  • Susan Mach

    Graphic Designer

We are...
designers, coders,
creators, gamers
& doers.

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If you’re looking for an agency to help dream-up, design and develop a creative idea or a digital campaign we can help.

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Our clients

We’ve worked for clients in almost every sector.
Big or small we love them all...

We would love to hear your story...
Send us a mail, call us or pop by for a cup of Tea.

Job seekers please write to us. Recruitment agencies please do not.

104d St John Street,
London, EC1M 4EH
0845 468 0959